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Magdalena Sienicka

You deserve to pamper yourself and to feel fabulous!

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My glamour phototgraphy session is light-hearted, feel good experience where you will be able to keep your intimacy and only reveal parts of your body you feel comfortable with – YOU are always in control.


Many women I worked with were a little bit shy to reveal their whole body at the beginning, that is why I created different experiences to suit every woman and her personality.


This photoshoot is aimed at women who simply want to feel beautiful and elegant. The photos created are here to either boost your confidence or simply to be enjoyed as a wall art at your home.


The result of this bridal boudoir photoshoot is what every man should want and receive as a present from a bride, either before the wedding or shortly before the honeymoon! Spice things up by booking this exciting photoshoot with me.


Who doesn’t dream about boudoir portrait at the most luxurious location?

Together we can plan your luxury boudoir photography experience at the location of your choice whether it be sunset at the secluded beach or privately hired villa.

You are incredible!

If you are looking for a high class, sophisticated and at the same time natural Boudoir experience you have landed on the right page. My life goal is to empower women to feel beautiful and confident in their body and I am on a mission to create the most unique and passionate boudoir portraits for you or your partner to cherish forever!

I offer bespoke packages for wedding presents, gift vouchers for someone special or boudoir photoshoots as a confidence boost. With over 12 years of experience and being rated Photographer of the year for ‘Boudoir and Beauty Photography’ I am sure I can create the most stunning boudoir portraits you have ever seen!

Lots of love Magdalena x


I believe that every woman has her story, that is why my light & romantic boudoir portraits aim to portray you in the most beautiful flattering natural light with bright clothing and airy feel, presenting you in the most delicate way. I will create boudoir portraits to suit your style and desires!


My dark & sexy boudoir portraits will reveal your sensuality and make you feel sexier than ever! That is why this style of photoshoot is perfect to promote self-love and confidence in yourself making you feel incredible.

Photographer of the Year

Magdalena Sienicka

In my 12 years professional photography career specialising in women photography, I have been honoured to receive a title of Beauty and Boudoir Photographer of the year 2018. I have always been pulled towards to capturing women’s portraits in the most special moments of their life whether it be a wedding or a divorce!

Your Stories

I photographed many women in my career and although my style is the same, every boudoir session turns out unique and personal. Here are some incredible women who I had a privilege to photograph… Cheers to all of you for saying yes to self-love!

"There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To me, that is the essence of beauty" - Dr. Steve Maraboli


Magdalena Sienicka

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