Why I include professional hair and makeup for your boudoir session

Why I include professional hair and makeup for your boudoir session

Having a photography session with me, whether it be a boudoir, beauty or glamour session, always includes having your hair and makeup done by our professional makeup artist.

It’s not just about the photography, it’s about making you feel the best version of you possible, before you step in front of the camera.

We know many of you will like your makeup done in a certain way, but our makeup artists will know how to apply products in a way that works perfectly with the lighting and angles we use and to enhance the features that we want to make pop in the images.

It’s also making sure the whole time you spend with me feels like a treat, an indulgence, something you wouldn’t feel every day.

We encourage you to relax, put your feet up, have a glass of bubbles (or tea if you wish) and let our girls work their magic.

The Day of The Shoot

We ask you to attend the studio with cleansed, moisturised, makeup free skin. This allows us to get started as soon as you arrive. If you don’t already, we advise sticking to a good beauty regime for a couple of weeks before your session, regularly cleansing and exfoliating your skin, and applying a deep moisturiser and / or serum overnight and SPF during the day, this will ensure your skin is in tip top condition. And of course, the two other main things to help with naturally glowing skin, water and sleep – get enough of both of those and you’re on to a winner.

Don’t worry if you wake up with acne, blemishes or you have a scar or discolouration on your skin, we can hide what you wish us to hide with make-up and then I will hand edit and enhance every one of your images individually to make sure your skin is flawless.

Depending on how much makeup you would normally wear, you may feel a little more ‘made up’ than usual. Don’t worry, makeup needs to be strong when you are in front of the camera to ensure your features are enhanced. This may include wearing false eyelashes which we carry with us, but these are all easily removed afterwards.

Please do let us know of any allergies you may have before you arrive so we can make sure we have to appropriate products to apply to your skin.

Our makeup artists have a large and varied kit with them and are experienced on working on all skin types and colours, but if you have a specific base you would like them to use, then please bring it along.

We will talk about hair styles when you are having your makeup done. We may choose to curl your hair, or straighten it, depending on the look we decide to go for. We would recommend arriving with clean, freshly washed hair, and if possible, with a heat resistant and styling product applied to help protect when styling. If you have any clips, accessories, hats or jewels you would like to use, please bring them along, and again we can talk about how they could work in the setups.

It’s all in the edit As I said above, after each session, your images will be skillfully hand edited in photoshop. In photoshop we can enhance sparkle in your eyes, remove any final skin blemishes and add more body to your hair (not hair to your body ☺). I use a mixture of flash and natural light in my studio, and photoshop can also be used to make certain lighting situations pop, or add more shadow and depths to areas we may want to reduce focus on, all whilst making sure you still look like you! Just the absolute best version of you!

Article Posted on Tuesday 10th August 2021 at 12:08am